a safe way to gather?

People mistake my critique of the church as hatred for it. If they read me carefully they would realize that I love the church, that I believe in it, that I care about Christians and their spiritual well-being, and that I am passionately concerned with how Christians can gather in healthy ways. I'm often asked if I will ever pastor again. My immediate and visceral response is "Never!" But what I mean by that is I will never pastor a local congregation in the same way as I have. I still consider myself a pastor. Otherwise I would have dropped this blog and its name*. As one can see, even 9 months after leaving the professional ministry, my cartoons and posts are almost always to do with spirituality and religion, specifically the church and Christians. Sometimes I think that in the future I would like to find a neutral place and make myself available to teach from the bible, which would be followed or interrupted by question and answer and discussion. That's it. No music. No vocal prayer (but silence). No membership. I realize this sounds like just a bible study. It also sounds a little like the way the Society of Friends gather. I don't care what it looks like. I now conclude that this might be the safest and healthiest way for Christians to gather. *I'm happy to announce that nakedpastor is now a Registered Trademark.

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