All Truth is Ours

Saint Justin Martyr (103–165 A.D.) said, "All truth is ours." He meant that all truth is in Christ, so that whatever is true is in Christ and belongs to Christ, and that if we are in Christ, then all truth belongs to us as Christians. Everyone can say that all truth is ours. Buddhists can. Hindus can. Muslims can. Atheists can. Agnostics can. New Agers can. Philosophers can. Everyone can. Anyone can. "All truth is ours!" is a glorious human declaration. Which means all truth is mine. All truth is yours. So pursue what is true and let others decide what you are. Know what is true and live what is true. This is an ever-evolving state of being. The label you are labelled with today has an expiry date. It has a shelf life. So don't worry about the various labels. They won't agree anyway. When you pursue what is true, you will have peace about this. Get my book from,,

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