Cartoon Popular Among Women and Some Men

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Cartoon Popular Among Women and Some Men

"Women and the Resurrection" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Cartoon Popular Among Women and Some Men: “Women and the Resurrection”

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Today is #InternationalWomensDay so I thought I'd share this popular cartoon.

I drew this cartoon on the fly one day after thinking about the sexism of the Bible.

There are a couple of issues about interpreting the Bible that I think are important to keep in mind.

The first is that the Bible was written by men thousands of years ago. It’s important to respect that and understand that those men were conditioned by their time, place, and culture, and that, of course, sexism will be expressed through their ideas and words. On top of that, we have the continued influences in transmission, and the canonizations, also by men who were conditioned by their time, place, and cultures. The Bible emerges out of this.

The second is that those men were on to something. They saw something and were trying their best to explain a mystery far greater than their minds could apprehend and and their languages could articulate. Therefore, there are early signs of counter-cultural ideas leaking out through their words. There are signs that there was a greater justice and freedom and equality than they themselves knew or experienced. It’s like they were just starting to detect a sunrise and attempting to describe the sun… a sun that we now see with more clarity and brilliance than they did.

So, as this cartoon illustrates, even though the gospels do portray that the men took the lead in the Jesus movement, the gospels also leak out fascinating clues that the women played a major and often leading role in the launching and establishing of it.

The Bible is a collection of ancient documents written by ancient men. But the new reality they were transmitting was far greater than their minds and mouths could control and contain.

This new reality couldn’t help but reveal itself between the lines of their limited language.

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