Guidelines for Safe Sects

We are witnessing the propagation of more and more sects (definition: "a group of people with somewhat different religious beliefs (typically regarded as heretical) from those of a larger group to which they belong"). That pretty much says there are as much sects as people. I thought I would give some guidelines on how to practice safe sects. Many are trying to get the term changed to "safer sects" to emphasize that certain precautions do not completely eliminate the risk of disease. So here are a couple of the most important guidelines:
  1. Avoid Contact: Solitary spiritual activity, also known as auto-spirituality, is relatively safe because you are not in the same room with another, therefore eliminating the risk of contacting disease and spreading infection. Stimulating yourself spiritually is completely risk-free. Don't be ashamed. Everybody does it. Some people even access sects online or TV or reading material distributed by the sects industry for aides.
  2. Barrier Protection: If you absolutely must or accidentally do have face to face intercourse with another, there are various devices available to avoid real and therefore risky connection with that person or people. You can use some kind of barrier to prevent exposing your nakedness to the other. Be careful to erect this barrier before engaging in contact with the other, and never let your guard down during intercourse. Wait until it is completely over to remove your protective barrier.
Maybe you have some other ideas to add.

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