How to Let People Know You've Changed

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How to Let People Know You've Changed

let them know cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A couple is sitting at a table with their computers. The man says, "I need a quick and easy way to let people know I don't believe the same things anymore." She says, "You could share a nakedpastor cartoon."


Some people don't share my cartoons because they know this will happen.

Others do for the same reason.

This actually happened the other day. A fan wrote something to this effect (it was in another language so this is a translation): 

"I found an Instagram account... nakedpastor... that illustrates in cartoons the embarrassing and shameful contradictions of religion. I'm going to post his cartoons on Facebook and to be cancelled by my family and my in-laws. It's going to be funny!"

Glad to be of service!

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