Love Thy Neighbor. Wear a Mask!

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Love Thy Neighbor. Wear a Mask!

"Love Thy Neighbor Mask" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Description: Jesus is wearing a mask with the words, "Love Thy Neighbor" stitched into it.

My wife is a palliative care nurse. I'm friends with doctors. I believe in science. I trust experts like Dr. Fauci. So don't at me with any conspiracy theories. 

We wear a mask because we care about others.

Just like we don't drink and drive. It's not just so that we don't kill ourselves. It's also so that we don't kill others.

Just like you should wear seatbelts even if you're not driving. It's not just to save ourselves but to prevent breaking the necks of others in the car because our unbuckled body is flying around inside.

Just like we don't smoke in public places. It's not just so that we don't get cancer. It's so that we don't give cancer to others.

Also, on a side note, I'm learning how to smile with my eyes. A new skill. Just like Jesus is in the cartoon.

So, don't be whiny and selfish and careless.

Love thy neighbor.

Wear a mask!

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