phucket list

I watched the movie, "The Bucket List". So I thought before I kick the bucket I should come up with my own personal phucket list. Here's mine:
  1. Waiting for the good opinion of others. Phucket!
  2. Yearning for a quorum of affirmative support. Phucket!
  3. Excusing the obnoxious and unkind because they are Christians. Phucket!
  4. Hiding my true colors. Phucket!
  5. Pining for the endorsement and applause of the authorities. Phucket!
  6. Pleasing everybody and offending no one. Phucket!
  7. Mincing words. Phucket!
  8. Subsidizing the "Christian Cheap" in myself and others. Phucket!
  9. Waiting for minds to change before I proceed in my search for truth. Phucket!
  10. Fearing the reactions of those who encounter me. Phucket!
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