SHEEP WEEK: Thoughts and Last Days as a Sheep

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SHEEP WEEK: Thoughts and Last Days as a Sheep

"Last Days" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


This poor sheep started thinking. So the doctor breaks the news that his days as a sheep are numbered. Because there's no cure for thinking.


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    attorney Founds Project To Fight ‘Revenge Porn’

    A California law student and a Virginia man dated for about six months after meeting through an internet dating service. The fallout in breakup, then again, went on far longer, As the former boyfriend faces federal criminal charges over posting nude selfies and a sexually explicit video of the woman on pornographic websites.

    Now the first kind boyfriend has a new problem: A big law firm recently has come to the law student’s aid and is suing him in federal court in really are.

    The lawsuit reflects a battle line that is being drawn in an age when it is normal for couples to share nude photos digitally, And [url=]plenty of fish sign in[/url] just as easy for a jilted lover to find a porno website willing to post them online.

    The litigation is the handiwork of a new initiative by K Gates, A Pittsburgh based lawyer. Begun in late sept, Its Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project has roughly 50 lawyers at the firm helping out their time.

    each of our “nara Doe” Complaint filed with respect to the law student is among the first lawsuits filed by the K clinic, Which is helping about 100 victims of "payback porn, A type of online harassment that involves the non consensual posting of sexually explicit material often involving a former girlfriend or a spouse. attorney and is led by David A. Bateman, an opponent in the firm’s Seattle office, so Elisa J. D’Amico, A litigator in the firm’s Miami home office.

    Most of its clients come through program’s website or referrals from two national advocacy groups for victims of revenge porn, The Cyber Civil Rights motivation and Without My Consent.

    “The advocacy groups are really looking forward to what we are doing, talked about D’Amico, A litigator who focuses on technology and Internet law issues.

    D’Amico said she saw the idea of the legal clinic while working last year with one of the founders of the nonprofit Cyber Civil Rights Initiative during an effort to lobby Florida officials to pass a revenge porn criminal statute. up until now, Advocacy groups have largely relied on lawyers at smaller firms to make a change their time and services.

    The K program not only advises victims as to what legal steps can be taken to sue for damages, It also works with victims to consider the advantages and drawbacks of reporting online abuse to prosecutors.

    more often than not, Commercial porn material websites, Especially those based across the nation, Will consider a request to avoid any further legal entanglement. "But it’s not perfect and won’t be available in all situations,

    There have been many successful jury awards to victims. A Texas jury yr after, illustration, Awarded one of the biggest verdicts ever to a revenge porn victim, acquiring a man to pay $500,000 to his former honey for posting a sexually explicit video of her online. well then, The woman claimed she had suffered emotionally charged distress.

    It’s not clear just how common revenge porn is. Victims are often unwilling to come forward out of fear of bringing more in order to the videos and photos. Advocates also say that some victims are reluctant to pursue legal action since they blame themselves and worry that a jury will not be sympathetic.

    Until a week ago, Few states had criminal statutes on revenge porn. previously year, conversely, A dozen expresses, specifically Colorado, hawaiian, Illinois and pa, Enacted laws criminalizing the game.

    Regulators also are starting to tackle the problem. On sunday, The federal trade commission reached a settlement with Craig Brittain, Who operated a porn website, That required him to stop sharing and posting nude videos and photographs of people without their permission. The agency in its complaint said Brittain operated the web site "For commercial gain and without increasing quite or consent of those depicted,

    national prosecutors, in the mean time, Are going after perpetrators of revenge porn by charging them with internet stalking, Or attempting to access another person’s online account or computer. Elam II.

    Agents with the FBI in Los Angeles began checking out Elam in spring 2013, Shortly after he began posting the sexually explicit pics and vids. The FBI began investigating Elam right after the law student got a restraining order against him. Elam, 29, Also apparently sent links of the video he posted to some of his former girlfriend’s classmates and her mother.

    The woman told an FBI agent that the persistent harassment left her enthusiastic about searching the Web for videos or photos of her, Caused her to become depressed and led to some of her friends hesitant to talk to her anymore. She was even more so embarrassed when a law firm she had applied to for a job told her that they found the videos of her during an online search of her name.

    Elam, A former business adviser who now lives in Philadelphia, diminished to comment as did his lawyer, Cra niceig an absolute. Harbaugh, A deputy public federal opponent. But a little of the dead URLs and links with her name remain online like echoes of the past.

    D’Amico and Bateman declined to talk about the law student’s case.

    Mary Anne hot dogs, A professor at the University of Miami School of Law and vp of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, Said it was not unusual for victims to pursue civil suits even if prosecutors have filed felony charges.

    “Hypothetically one thing a victim might be after is something which will make them whole, Said hot dogs, Whose planning began operating in 2013. "Most of the criminal punishments do not require a person to take down the material. That is something which is better addressed by civil law.

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