thanks for your patience

I know I can be bitter. It is important for me to admit that. The last two years of my ministry in the church were a very difficult end to a long and challenging ministry. It finally culminated in a meeting with friends that turned bad. I knew then it was the bitter end. The way I explain it is that it was the final piece of a thousand piece puzzle. I don't blame them. I don't blame the church. I don't blame the last years either. The pieces to the puzzle that lead to my resignation started to find their way to me many many years ago. A year ago they all finally snapped in place and the picture was clear. Then my resignation was swift. I have so many stories that might help you understand. I'm not unique. Actually, this blog confirms that suspicion. I hear from people every single day who thank me for nakedpastor because it helps them deal with the same crap I had to deal with over the years. I don't want to stay bitter. I will move on. Here's a theory: I will progress from bitter to sour to salty to sweet. I still believe I will be a critic of the church and all things religious and spiritual because they are fraught with dangers. But eventually the bitterness will no longer seep into my cartoons and posts. Because it won't be there. Perhaps nakedpastor is like the lance that permits the poison to escape. So thanks for your patience. Order my book "Nakedpastor101: Cartoons by David Hayward", from,,, and Barnes and Noble.

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