the church and the poor

the church and the poor

"The Church & the Poor" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The church began poor. It didn't give to the poor. It supported the poor as poor. Then it got rich. It uses a fraction of its money to help the poor. But now it's afraid of losing the comfortable life it worked so hard to achieve. It gives cautiously. But worse, the church often creates and perpetuates poverty. The church never wants to be poor again, even though this is where its true power resides. This cartoon was inspired by an article from Chris Hedges, The Suicide of the Liberal Church. It better explains what I mean. Like this cartoon? Support what I do and become a patron! Thank you.


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    They are able to give financial, psychological and overall support. Dating a mature woman predisposes one to rewards any relationship such as finances and friendship. Older women are considered to be mature emotionally and thus offer a very firm hand when guiding the relationship. They easily know what they aspire to and how they want it done.

    Dating an older woman protects you from the pressure to get married that provide meeting a younger woman. Older women are moms in most cases who have children and are not thinking of getting into new marriages, Mature women are just searching for a person to share their life with however. younger ladies have a biological clock that calls upon them to get married and have children early when one may not be ready. Dating a mature woman acquire comes with a guarantee of no pressure to get married.

    Dating older women acts as a trigger of thrill to life. Life is very meaningless if there isn’t an thrill added to it, particularly in the dating sector. The whole aspect of dating older women is frowned upon especially since it has taken shelter on paid dating sites. This scolding by the society makes the reasoning behind very intriguing to the mind since the person indulging knows the society will not approve of them.

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