Unfinal Fantasy

When I was inside the church, it totally defined in a completely exhaustive way my entire life. It generated, sustained and perpetuated a whole framework, providing a very secure and comforting reality. But now that I've been out of the church for a year, I realize that it wasn't really real. It was a reality but not Real. It was a created and enclosed imaginative structure fertile with fantasy and self-authenticating beliefs. The belief of the members nourishes the illusion which in turn substantiates the belief in a persistent self-enriching cycle. I point not the finger at anyone or at anything, but at myself for corroborating with this magnificent scheme. If you've read me at all, you know I was always critical of the system. But now I realize… hold on… that I wasn't critical enough! The system is more comprehensive than I realized. I should have been more discerning and vocal. Not that nothing good happened within this system. I still believe in the church and love it. But I still ask the question, now with more conviction: How can we gather free of fantasy and the inhumanity that inevitably comes with it? Get my cartoon book NAKEDPASTOR101 from Amazon.

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