Wisdom, Manna and Anxiety

Wisdom is not cumulative. It is like manna... it needs to be acquired every day. Like the cross that must be carried and upon which we must daily die, so is wisdom. Knowledge is different. It can be amassed. Knowledge can be increased. Memory comes to play here. This is how we practically live our daily lives. It's how we get to and from work without getting lost every day. It's how science gathers data and attempts to apply it to practical living. Not wisdom. You can be wise today and make wise choices now, and wake up a complete fool and do incredibly stupid things tomorrow.

Perhaps this is why the Proverbs portray Wisdom as a person, in this case a female, some say the female persona of God, our Lover. Just as I don't assume my lover's love, neither can we assume wisdom will stick with us just because it has to. For me and Lisa to stay together takes daily commitment, work, energy and awareness. I can never assume our relationship. I must constantly die to myself for our love to live. So does she. So, love is death. Jesus demonstrated that.

As soon as our hearts or our minds get hard, then wisdom escapes us. If we would be wise, we must die.

Something I am thinking about blogging about tomorrow: how our righteous demands on people in the church actually betray our anxiety. We really don't want people to change for their own good, but so that we don't have to deal with the mess. Our demand for good behavior is actually our unwillingness or inability to love people who are different than we are or live differently than we do. Ya, I might write about that.

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