webpage disappears! google Harpur!

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In all fairness, I need to report that Tom Harpur's website seems to have removed the page delineating what he felt was a 'reasonable response' to his book, The Pagan Christ. In one of yesterday's posts, I expressed that I thought his four criteria were unfair. In its place is a page solely dedicated to responding to James Patrick Holding's website, www.tektonics.org, a site on which Holding, as Harpur believes, 'bitterly assails any and all scholars who dare to go against his literalist, fundamentalist line.' I should indicate here that Holding, in his critique of The Pagan Christ, quotes extensively from the Canadian scholar Dr. W. Ward Gasque's own extensive critique of the book. Just google something like 'critique Harpur' and you'll find plenty to read, both for and against!